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MedTrials Advances Education in Clinical Research

As leading industry trainers, MedTrials has been on the forefront of education in clinical research and a strong supporter of advanced education in the field. Last week MedTrials wrapped up another semester representing its 14th consecutive year of providing curricula and faculty for the UNT Masters in Clinical Research Management program at the University of North Texas Health Science Center Graduate School of Biomedical Science (UNT).  Since 2000, MedTrials team members have held academic appointments at various institutions including UNT, the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) School of Nursing and UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSWMC).
Todd Almarez, MedTrials’ Senior Manager, Compliance and Training, currently serves as an adjunct professor at UNT.  According to Mr. Almarez, "Graduate-level education has dramatically changed over recent years, especially at UNT Health Science Center. Despite these changes, teaching at this level is by far the most challenging and rewarding educational experience I have been a part of, both professionally and personally.” He goes on to say, “Today's graduate-level student expects the curriculum to align with and directly apply to their career goals and aspirations.”  As such, the course materials and concepts must be real-world based and must mentally challenge each student.  Mr. Almarez explained that students expect all of this to occur within a classroom environment that is engaging and allows for the freedom to explore and problem-solve in real-time.
Graduate programs in clinical research are on the rise and can be found at major universities across the United States as the need for highly trained and qualified clinical research professionals experienced in industry, academic medicine and regulatory affairs continues to grow.  As the UNT Health Science Center has grown and achieved success and recognition, MedTrials has seen the class size nearly triple over the last four years reaching near 200 students. MedTrials has had to rethink how each concept is delivered, combining interactive methods using real-world application with technology and team based learning assignments during lectures to engage the students in a meaningful way. 
Mr. Almarez enthusiastically remarked that, “Our course structure allows us to deliver information in a way that demonstrates our passion for our industry.  Passion for what we do and how we do it is the glue that holds the course together and the key to our success.  Students have the opportunity to learn through our passion for clinical research and understand the broader implications for medical professionals and consumers.” He concluded by saying, “It is truly an honor to be a part of an outstanding university and a program that develops and educates well-rounded medical professionals who will be prepared to impact the future of our industry."