Aligning the Art & Science of Clinical Research®

Why MedTrials

Relevant Experience and Expertise

Founded in 1993, MedTrials has over 20 years of solid, sustained performance, as well as widely-recognized expertise and experience. We have worked across a wide range of therapeutic areas and in all phases of product development.

As trainers of the industry, MedTrials promotes and provides ongoing learning and development, and supports professional certification for our employees.

Customized Clinical Research Solutions

As a privately-held CRO, MedTrials is able to offer flexibility and innovation without bureaucracy in order to meet the specific needs of each client and project. We understand that every project is unique and we are committed to providing customized solutions.

Certified Women’s Business Enterprise

MedTrials is a certified member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). As a certified women-owned business, MedTrials is an ideal partner for companies who are committed to leveling the playing field and breaking down barriers with active supplier diversity programs.

Proactive and Relationship-Driven

MedTrials’ business continues to be built on strong working relationships which directly ties to our understanding of the importance of effective communication ensuring project success.

Our teams deploy proactive strategies, provide relevant information and recommend innovative solutions. We are committed to responsiveness and customer satisfaction. As such, it is through intentional feedback mechanisms and shared best practices, that our collaborative approach helps us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Quality Culture

MedTrials fosters a quality culture where opportunity for growth and development, combined with individual responsibility, are valued. Quality is the product of high standards combined with exceptional services, relationships and people. We are committed to being exceptional. MedTrials is a big small company with high standards and expectations which translates into project ownership, motivated and loyal staff, corporate longevity and tremendous pride within our team.

Collaborative Approach

We invest in partnerships to optimize the way we work and align our efforts to achieve planned targets and objectives. We stand ready to manage complex challenges and know that the best way to work for you is to work with you. Project success is dependent on many factors, and through a collaborative approach, MedTrials can ensure the know-how and support necessary for project execution while providing lasting value.


MedTrials supports Sustainability through its 'Green Initiatives' program and commitment to sustainability goals. 2014 goals include reducing paper consumption by 5% and decreasing our carbon foot print at our offices through implementation of a fairly liberal remote work policy. Contact us for further information.