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For certain studies, a Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) composed of clinicians, scientific experts, and individuals with ethical expertise may be helpful in evaluating data relatively early on in the course of the study and provides an additional layer of human subject protection. Use of a DMC could be helpful and may be proposed by a sponsor as an element of its risk mitigation strategy, particularly for studies where additional independent oversight would be of value.

MedTrials offers DMC coordination and management services to allow for independent support and oversight. We have standardized processes, procedures, tools and templates needed to run effective and efficient committee meetings.

Services include:

  • Charter and procedures development/customization
  • Member identification, conflict of interest assessment, and qualification
  • Member contract negotiation and management
  • Member training
  • Case processing and data handling
  • Communications management
  • Meeting management
  • Minutes management and report writing
  • Record keeping
  • Statistical support